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I'm killers obsessed, and I have the longest bucket list of anyone I know. I think I'm a nerd in the coolest sense of the word. I listen to what I believe to be great music. I watch great movies. I'm a facebooker, a youtuber, a twitterer and an Apple snob . Whether or not I like to admit it I do occasionally get sucked into reality tv. Other than reality I consider myself to watch pretty epic shows. I like mountains, oceans, animals, etc. Pretty much just your average interests I suppose.

The Killers in Utah

Friday, The Killers came to Utah. Not just to Utah, but literally a 3 minute walk from my work. I was like, holy crap this is going to be the easiest show EVER. Exciting! I got there at about 9 … Continue reading

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More crazy, if you’re ready for it.

Okay, so I had a legitimate conversation with Brandon Flowers. Like… that happened. That’s right peeps. I was actually able to form complete sentences and engage in an ACTUAL conversation this time. I went to a show in Richmond, VA … Continue reading

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Orlando, take me back!

Alright, so I’m posting this on the 1 month anniversary of the actual events, but still. Better late than never, right? Here it is. My Orlando story…. Also, prepare yourself for a really freaking long story. Me and my sister … Continue reading

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Big Talk… (the best night of my life)

My summery of Vegas. Okay. When I got to Vegas, the very first thing I did was go to the Hard Rock Cafe and see the Sam’s Town sign from the tour! The feeling when you first see that sign… … Continue reading

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I see Brandon, I see Sam’s Town…

Alright, I’ve barely calmed down since Saturday. I drove my family crazy ALL weekend. Naturally, the very first step on the itinerary was Sam’s Town. After I forced my family to go to the Hard Rock where they were supposed … Continue reading

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Brandon & Dave

Well Victims, the time has come. With my road trip to see Brandon live coming up early tomorrow morning there are now less than 30 hours until I’m in the presence of greatness. My arrival to Vegas is less than … Continue reading

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Betty Davis Eyes/Big Talk

So, after hearing a couple of stories about Brandon’s Flamingo tour, I was under the impression that I might get 8 or 9 songs from the album, maybe a cover, and if I got lucky a Killers song. Well, in … Continue reading

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