The Killers in Utah

Friday, The Killers came to Utah. Not just to Utah, but literally a 3 minute walk from my work. I was like, holy crap this is going to be the easiest show EVER. Exciting!

I got there at about 9 in the morning, and discovered that the majority of the group that I was hanging out with had slept there. Within that group, I got to meet a ton of victims that I had known online for forever. There were also these two adorable 15 year old Killers show first timers. They were such sweet kids. They were adorably excited, and all of us were probably just as excited for them as they were for themselves. And they kept on saying how they were practically equally as excited about sharing their experience with us as they were about the show. I love first timers. Especially when they’re young and you can tell that they’re genuinely fans. ❤ So sweet!

Here’s my group…


The two top right were the 15 year old kids. The 2 girls next to them go to college in Utah. I’m not sure who that guy on the end is, lol. Fred and I are center, and Cristina, Layne, Samantha, and Michelle are in the front. All VERY cool people. So glad I got to hang with them.

When we got in, we were lucky because we got barrier. Tegan & Sara came on. They were pretty good, actually. At the very end of their set though, the crowd started becoming crazy. Everybody was pushing (like, the crowd behind us as a whole) and crushing everyone. I’m not saying that’s not to be expected from time to time when you’re at a barrier, but this (ended up getting) WAY out of control. The Killers were SO amazing. They opened with Mr. Brightside with the lights on. It was SO amazing. ❤ The crowd just got worse from then on. I didn’t get many pictures because it was hard to hold my camera and hold onto the barrier, so after I bit I had to put it away. Then after that I couldn’t have gotten it back out anyway, because there was no room for my arm in the crowd with the way everyone was being crushed. Here’s a pic that i got though…


The whole night was a pain, but also one of the best shows I’ve ever seen put on. Some guy had his elbow digging into my collar bone for half of the night, and for a few songs, even digging into my throat. It was horrible. BUT! Even though the crowd seemed unruly and awful from inside of it, from the stage it looked like an amazing, energetic crowd. That made Brandon very happy, and I even saw a HUGE smile from…. wait for it…. Mark! Yes. Mark smiled. It was a little weird. Their enjoyment of the energy and excitement was the only thing that made that crowd experience bearable. They were all ecstatic through the whole show. They did Be Still! Okay, they did half of Be Still. Then Brandon had to stop it because his voice cut out. He was alright though. Then we went onto Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine.

I need to mention this… the opening to A Dustland Fairytale was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure if it was because Brandon had so much of his family there, what with it being Utah and all, but he REALLY went into an explanation. I can’t remember the speech, but he had to stop a few times in between and it was really raw and emotional. I THINK someone videoed it, so I’ll see if I can find a link to post later.

We got TONS of confetti. Little K’s and Lightning Bolts. ❤ FINALLY! Brandon did his barrier walk and I got to touch his arm. YAY! lol

By the end of the show only very few of our group was still together. Some of us had been pulled out by security, over the barrier (like about 30 other people that were either knocked out, passed out, or having panic attacks). Others had just been swallowed by the crowd.

After the show, we all met up again and luckily despite the horrible crowd, the victim babies still had the time of their lives. We all reassured them that it was NEVER like that. Even Michelle who had been to 30+ shows said this was by far the worst crowd experience she’d ever dealt with. Here’s another pic to break up some of this text, lol….


After we went to the merch table and got some things. Then out to the bus to see if they would come out. The security people said they wouldn’t be because Brandon had a huge family gathering going on inside with over 100 people that was being catered. This was the first time I ever believed security, because we had seen tons of people going into the family and friends door, and there had been caterers coming in and out of there all day. So we ended up leaving.

After we went to iHop and met up with a group we had kind of met in the crowd. Mostly one guy. It wasn’t long before we realized that one of the guys in his group was the guy that had his elbow digging into me the whole night. Turns out I wasn’t his only victim either. Before Samantha had been sucked away by the crowd he had been doing the same to her. The guy we really went over there to sit by was EXTREMELY nice, though. One of our girls had talked to him before the show started and talked about getting a phone case that they had at the merch table and how she was afraid it was going to sell out. Then she was the one who almost passed out and had to get pulled over the barrier. Eventually he actually did pass out and he got pulled over too. Later in the merch line while we were waiting he walked up to us, found her and handed her a Killers phone case because she was so upset that she had to leave and go to the back. ❤ He was such a sweetie. We also found out he had passed out because he was getting jabbed and rammed doubly hard because he was tensing up to keep this little girl in front of him from being squashed and killed. A true gentleman that one.

So anyway, to keep the peace we didn’t say anything to the guy that had been torturing us all night.

So overall, aside from the pain of the crowd, it was an AMAZING night! We saw one of the guys from Neon Trees in the audience. It was really fun!

Ooh! Side note! After they cut Be Still short, while Brandon was taking his break, he was talking to Ronnie. Someone from the audience threw something on stage and almost hit Ronnie in the face with it. The whole crowd started booing, and Brandon looked pretty pissed. Then Ronnie picked it up and walked to the front of the stage to the center mic and went “Some asshole decided to throw this at me.” And he held it up to show that it was one of those rubber wristband things. Then he said, “But it says Friendship, so I guess it’s fucking cool.”

Ronnie’s awesome.

Also, at some point in the night Brandon took a big swig out of a water bottle and then threw it out into the audience. I got splashed in the face with it. Brandon’s water was cover my face…. it was pretty special. lol

Okay, I’ll end it there, saying that I’m extremely grateful for the amazing show that was put on and the wonderful people that I got to meet. ❤



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