More crazy, if you’re ready for it.

Okay, so I had a legitimate conversation with Brandon Flowers. Like… that happened.

That’s right peeps. I was actually able to form complete sentences and engage in an ACTUAL conversation this time.

I went to a show in Richmond, VA on July 20th.

The show itself was amazing (songs from the new album and all), but this is about after the show, when BRANDON FREAKING FLOWERS and I talked.

Okay, so I don’t know if this conversation is as cool as I think it is, but I’m going to type it out word for word now.

So, Brandon came around and I asked him to take a picture with me (as seen below):

And then I asked him if the Battle Born tour was going to kick off in Vegas (because that’s what he had told Leah), and he said he kind of felt like they’d already started the Battle Born tour.

And I’m just going to do a dialogue for the rest of the conversation:

Me: “Oh. Well you should do a show in Vegas soon anyway, cause that’d be awesome.”
Brandon: “Oh. Do you live in Vegas?”
Me: “No. I live in Utah, but I’m just a few hours from Vegas.”
Brandon: “Really!? Which part are you from?”
Me: “I live in Salem. Do you know where that is? Not a whole lot of people know where that is.” (Because not even people in Utah know what the hell I’m talking about when I say Salem.)
Brandon: “Yeah! I used to play golf at Hobble Creek in Payson! I used to live in Payson.”
Me: “You did?!”
Brandon: “Yeah!”
Me: “I knew you lived in Utah, but I never knew you lived in Payson.” (Because in everything I’ve read, it only mentions that he lived in Nephi.)

Then he was being dragged into the crowd of other people to get things signed, so I said bye, and that it was really nice meeting him, and he bye, and it was amazing people.

He was so nice and chatty and so damn cute! He was smiling and so enthusiastic through the whole conversation! Gah I love him so much.

Then Dave came over, and I didn’t get a chance to say all that much to him but I got a picture. (Where I look like a total freak. Oh well.)

Ronnie & Mark both came out too! I didn’t get a picture with either of them, and I talked a little bit to Ronnie for a second.

Also, I finally have all 4 signatures on my day and age CD booklet! ❤

And then I realized I forgot to say hi for Ericka, and so when Brandon was leaving I yelled out “Brandon! My friend Ericka says hi!”

And I don’t know how well he heard me, but he said “HI!” So I guess he heard enough. So there’s that.


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I'm killers obsessed, and I have the longest bucket list of anyone I know. I think I'm a nerd in the coolest sense of the word. I listen to what I believe to be great music. I watch great movies. I'm a facebooker, a youtuber, a twitterer and an Apple snob . Whether or not I like to admit it I do occasionally get sucked into reality tv. Other than reality I consider myself to watch pretty epic shows. I like mountains, oceans, animals, etc. Pretty much just your average interests I suppose.
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