Orlando, take me back!

Alright, so I’m posting this on the 1 month anniversary of the actual events, but still. Better late than never, right?

Here it is. My Orlando story….
Also, prepare yourself for a really freaking long story.

Me and my sister flew out to Orlando on the 9th. We had tickets to do a Universal & Sea World, but more than anything, I was excited to go see The Killers. On the 10th, we went to go pick up my wristband for the warm-up show, and almost everyone in line weren’t actually victims, but people that had got an email and were excited about a free concert. That was a bit discouraging. Anyway, I’ll skip to the fun part… the 11th. I got to the Venue at about 2:00 to get in line. I met a couple of victims before Ericka (yummygummysweaterpuppies) and her brother showed up (and apparently at the EXACT right time, because while she was up at the front getting her wristband she heard some of soundcheck where they practiced Runaways, but they never played it.)

We waited in line and talked and found out (surprise, surprise) that talking to fellow victims is amazing! lol, She is so completely awesome. I’m so glad I got to see these concerts with her. Anyway, it wasn’t long before Darlene (pickle55) showed up, and I got to meet her as well. There were some cool people around us in line. Some guys in feathered shirts, that I spotted before I had even showed up to the venue. (On the street around the corner when my sister taking me to the venue to drop me off, we saw one of them, and she looked and said “Does that guy have wings on?” and I was like “OMG BRANDON FLOWERS! THAT GUY IS A VICTIM!!!” lol I took a picture of the shirt. haha

Anyway, the guys in feathers were in front of us talking about how they got pictures of Ronnie and everyone and they had just gotten their shirts signed, and when I looked at their pictures Ronnie was in a car. Next thing I knew, Ronnie and they guys were driving by. We could only see Ronnie though. One of the victims ran out into the middle of the street and got a kiss on Ronnie’s cheek. ❤ lol

Eventually we went inside, and we waited in there for a little while. Then they started letting us into the venue. :’) Me and Ericka were really close to the stage! It was amazing. We kind of stood there for a little while and chatted with some of the other victims. I met a guy who was at the show where Brandon performed Roxanne. Then the lights went out and everyone began screaming. The guys came out, and opened with Change Your Mind. I was so excited. I was shaking and screaming and singing my heart out. It was incredible.

You guys probably know the set list by now, but let me just tell you that I told Ericka over and over that if they sang A Dustland Fairytale, I’d cry (because as most of you know that song means EVERYTHING to me) and if they did Moon River after, I might as well just die, because things couldn’t get much better than that. And then they did ADF and Moon River. :’D I cried… a lot. lol

After the show, we went straight out to where The Killers would be coming out. We waited there forever, and the security guy kept on telling us that the guys weren’t coming out to do autographs and that we were wasting our time. We stayed anyway. The girl next to me got tired and said she was going to wait for her friends in the car. She had been to over 20 Killers shows and had met all of them but Dave,  who just happened to be her favorite. We all tried to talk her into staying, but she said the only way she’d be disappointed would be if Dave came out to sign things, which she said he wouldn’t, and she left.

Soon after, the guys came out! Brandon, Ronnie and Dave at least. (No sign of Mark). Everything was happening pretty fast, and there was a pretty big crowd. Brandon came up to the gate and started signing things. I was holding out my Day & Age cover when he came up and he took it and signed it. Then he walked up to me and looked me right in the eyes and was like, “Hey! How are you?” and all I could say was “Can I get a hug!” and he smiled and put his arms around me. It was a full hug too. Not one of those half hugs that he sometimes does. He had his arms fully wrapped around me. ❤ :’)

Of all the moments I can recall in my life, that was and still is easily the greatest. The only way I think it could ever be topped would be the next time I get to hug him, where I might be over the initial shock and I might get to endure it and soak it all in a little more. (I didn’t get a picture with him, but I got the hug, which is much more exciting.)

Anyway, Brandon was swept off pretty quick. Dave had then approached the gate. He signed a few things, and then he was kind of just standing there looking around a little. He had been kind of keeping to the other end of the gate, so when he was just kind of doddeling I looked over and I went “Hey Dave!” And he looked over at me, and I just kind of waved him over to me. He got a big smile and walked over and said “Hey! How’s it going?” and then he signed my CD cover as well. While he was signing it though, Jeremy came over and started dragging him off to the car. I went in to panic mode because he still had my CD. lol, but then he stopped Jeremy and handed the CD cover to him and kind of pointed over to me, and me and the girl behind me were like “OVER HERE!” lol He came and gave it back to me.

Ronnie came by, but the crowd was to thick and I had been pushed too far back to get any contact with him or anything ( I just got blurry pictures). That’s okay though, because I got to meet Ronnie back in July. It’s only fair that other victims get their chance. lol (Here’s one of my blurry pictures.)

Oh, and did I mention that while we were waiting for the guys, one of the crew members came out and was handing out some halves of Ronnie’s drum sticks that were left over and I got one! As did Ericka! ❤

Anyway, the next day was Orlando Calling. FYI, I barely took any pictures during this show because my camera sucks, and I really just wanted to sit back and enjoy it anyhow.

After the night before, I felt like nothing could compare, and so I was thinking of upgrading my ticket to a VIP and just sitting in the stands. The next day I kind of slept in and was sticking with that plan, but then I got a text from Ericka saying that they got there late and she was at the barrier. I decided to just go for the tickets I already had and I’m SO glad I did.

The bands leading up were mostly bands that I wouldn’t really be interested in. I REALLY liked The Avette Brothers though. They took me by surprise and I’m definitely looking them up. The Raconteurs were also pretty good.

Then The Killers came out again. The atmosphere was AMAZING when they did. They took my breath away as if it were the first time I were seeing them. They opened with Spaceman, and the energy was really incredible. They did ADF and Moon River again, and I cried 10x more than I had the night before. They also did a short acoustic segment of Spaceman, and my emotions were so high right then that I practically had a total emotional breakdown. It was fucking beautiful. Let me just say that (you guys have probably seen the videos on YouTube. ❤ )

They shot confetti, and I took a bunch home with me. lol
I got a couple of blurry pictures & that was all, so here’s one of them.

When the show was over, Ericka and I were so insanely happy. The Killers looked so great together. I’ve seen a Flamingo show and a Big Talk show and they were both AMAZING, but they seem so happy when they’re together. They just have a different shine. It’s really amazing. I honestly feel so blessed that I got to see these shows.

Anyway then Ericka and I went to take a picture by the giant OC Killers sign. ❤

After that we said goodbye, and that was the end of my Killers Journey. (The most incredible journey of my life.)

Anyway, the next day we went to Universal, and I was so excited to be able to go to Hogwarts. We had gone late, and we did a few things. Then we went to Olivander’s because I’m a dork and I INSISTED that we couldn’t buy a wand from anywhere other than there, even though the line was forever long. While we were waiting, we heard some screaming and stuff up at the front. Then we heard “RUPERT!!!”

o_o As in Rupert Grint. As in Ron Weasley. He had come on his own time to Universal, and he just happened to come to Olivander’s. We waited with the crowd, for him to come out the exit, and because of where we had been in line we had the PERFECT vantage point for when he did come out. Finally, after about an hour, he did. And I got a picture. 😀 A great one at that. It was so surreal.

I did see an Orca, which is my favorite animal and that was very important to me. A life dream for as long as I can remember. I didn’t get many pictures, cause I took mostly video, but here’s one.

Also…. some flamingos.

Anyway, that’s the end of all the insanely exiting parts of my story.  Sorry this was so long. lol


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2 Responses to Orlando, take me back!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    So ron returned to get his broken wand back.. haha! Its great that you got a chance to meet them!

  2. Rosalia says:

    Hello!!! Let me tell you, I’m in shock with your story and everything you had to go through to see the Killers… I live in Orlando and I was at the both shows and I saw the two guys wearing the feathers shirts and I have a picture too!!… Next time you are here for a Killers show let me know .. 😉

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