Big Talk… (the best night of my life)

My summery of Vegas.

Okay. When I got to Vegas, the very first thing I did was go to the Hard Rock Cafe and see the Sam’s Town sign from the tour! The feeling when you first see that sign… it’s magical. It was incredible.

samstown tour sign

After that I went to the M&M and Coca-Cola stores. mnm


Then I went back to the HOB where I saw Brandon back in April so that I could “Feel that fire again”. Yes, “that fire” was still there. ❤


nugget (I got a job at the Nugget and I saved a $1000 for a brand new star….) After walking around the strip for a few more hours and checking into my hotel (the golden nugget), I headed straight back to the Hard Rock Cafe to pick up my ticket and start waiting in line for the show!


It was about 6:00 and the show started, so I thought, at 8. When I got up there, about 15 other people were just showing up and starting a line. I sat there waiting for a bit, and Leah, my online Victim friend, showed up. We waited in line and talked with a nice old man about concerts and things like that. Finally at 8:00 the doors opened. There had been barely anyone in line. We got in, and we were RIGHT next to the stage! As for the hour before the concert actually started, I sat on the stage to wait.


As we waited, we met a guy. He said he knew Ronnie’s mom, and had been a friend of her’s for years. He didn’t know Ronnie though. We also met a fellow victim named Janice. 🙂


I went out and bought a Big Talk t-shirt and put it on for the show. The guy we met asked us to save his spot because he wanted to go talk to Ronnie’s mom, and we did, even though it wasn’t really necessary since getting our spots back was REALLY easy. (Very small crowd). He ended up coming over with Mindy Vannucci! OMG! lol, I was insanely excited! She talked to us a bit, and introduced herself. She said Leah’s name was pretty, and when I introduced myself as Brandi, she thought that I had said Mindy and was totally bummed out when she found out we didn’t have the same name, lol.

Then Most thieves came out. May I just say that the band was INCREDIBLE! I really liked them. I can’t wait to see them again.

After that, the lead singer came over and shook our hands. He gave Leah a high five for being from Vegas. He was really a sweet guy!

Then Big Talk came out! Seeing Ronnie was an experience…. OMG THAT BEARD I lost it. lol We were screaming and cheering! The set list was basically the album… in order. haha


Me and Leah screamed RONNIE VANNUCCI!!!!!!! And then Leah screamed, WE LOVE YOU! And Ronnie looked over and said, “Love you too, babe!”

Life = Made. haha

The performance was AMAZING! I was blown away. Also, can I just say that seeing No Whiskey performed live is indescribable. It was my favorite performance of the night. It was really epic! And that’s saying something, because it wasn’t even one of my favorite songs.

After the show, me and Leah were waiting to see Ronnie. While we were waiting, we saw the bassist and we went over and took a picture with him. He was really nice. 🙂

Then Taylor came out! He is AMAZING! He was so sweet! He signed me and Leah’s CDs and took a picture with us. He was super sweet. He kept giving us hugs and telling us how sweet we were, etc.



I’m a new HUGE fan of Taylor. haha

We had these postcards the some victims had sent to Leah to give to Ronnie, and also these 2 AMAZING pictures that our friend Helo from Brazil drew of Brandon and Ronnie. We wanted to give them to Ronnie. Taylor said he’d be out in about 10 minutes. We waited and waited. No Ronnie. Then Rob came out, and I got a hug from him, and he said he really appreciated us. He was so great! I just love him. haha Anyway, he said Ronnie would be out too, but still… no Ronnie. I had also seen Tommy Marth, but he didn’t come over, and I didn’t get to meet him.

Then Leah saw him out in the hall.

OMG! Ronnie. Vannucci. IN THE FLESH! It was insane.


We went out there. Ronnie had a drink in hand, and was being really cool. He’s so down to earth. Anyway, when we got up to him, we gave him the pictures, and I thought we should take a picture of him with his drawing, because Helo is one of Ronnie’s biggest fans. He was so cute! He pulled the same face that he had in the drawing. lol


Then me and Leah got pictures with him. We were basically just hanging out there for about 30 minutes. He told us that the picture in the CD of the fur was Archie’s (Ronnie’s dog) butt. lol And that Lisa (Ronnie’s wife) had taken that picture and all other pictures in the album art. He also said that she was around, and started shouting… “WIFE?! WIFE! Where are you!?” lol She didn’t come out.

meandronnie ^^^ ME AND RONNIE!!!!! ❤

We both got a hug from Ronnie. May I just say that when Ronnie hugs… he freaking hugs like he means it. He squeezes. This was no half assed hug. I got a pic of Leah and her hug with him… not one of mine though. 😦

Leah hug ^^ Leah hugging Ronnie!

We saw Taylor again, and we talked to him for a bit once more.

Then I asked Ronnie, “So, are you bringing Big Talk to Utah?” and he said, “Hell yeah! We’ll be there in September!”

OMG! I could just die of happiness! I can’t wait to see him again! I walked up to where Leah was, next to Taylor, and I was like, “Hey! Ronnie just said that you guys were coming to see me in Utah in September!” And he was like, “Oh yeah!”.

Then we told Taylor that he was really sweet, and he told us that we were the sweetest. I really do just love this guy. He’s amazing.

BTW… Notice my over-use of the word amazing in this summery. lol, I also overused it that night. I must have told the members of Big Talk and Most thieves that they were amazing 100 times that night.

Anyway, then we finally left.

That night… easily the best night of my life.

The next day, wonderful Leah showed me around Vegas. lol We went to Sam’s Town.


And then I FINALLY got to go see the Bones display. (When I went to see it in April while I was at Brandon’s show, the lady said that it wasn’t up… which turned out to be a lie.)


Basically it was the best trip ever!

I can’t wait to see them again in September!!!! ❤


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