I see Brandon, I see Sam’s Town…

Alright, I’ve barely calmed down since Saturday. I drove my family crazy ALL weekend. Naturally, the very first step on the itinerary was Sam’s Town.

I See Sams Town

After I forced my family to go to the Hard Rock where they were supposed to have had the Bones music video display, which they didn’t. They were “moving things around” and had it put away somewhere.

The next stop was Mandalay Bay where my family and I went to the Shark Reef, which I’m sure would have been 100x more enjoyable had I not been so anxious to go check out the line at the house of blues.

House of Blues, Las Vegas

Brandons Pic @ HOB

Now to the show,
The show was AMAZING! Now, there was no Ronnie, but there was plenty of Brandon, and I was close. I’m talking only a few feet away. *swoon* I must say the first few hours of waiting were somewhat excruciating. My feet wanted to die from standing in the same position for so long. I’ll tell you ladies and gentlemen, it was soo worth it.

The opening act was very enjoyable. The Nervous Wreckords was the name of the band and I definitely recommend checking them out.

The set list was incredible!

He opened with Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, which is one of the only video’s I got that the sound doesn’t completely suck in (because the drums weren’t going much during it).

After he did a version of Viva Las Vegas, which started out with the tune to Human, which I went completely nuts over.

He then played Crossfire, Magdalena, Betty Davis Eyes (which I had highly anticipated), Jilted Lovers, Read My Mind, Hard Enough, Losing Touch, Swallow It, Only the Young, and then a very passionate performance of Playing with Fire.

After all of that the audience demanded a encore with shouts of “Brandon” and continuances of “Playing with Fire”. He came out and sang Was it Something I said, and then (thank you God) The Clock Was Tickin, and a super acoustic version of When You Were Young.

It was an amazing concert. Next stop… Killers concert.


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I'm killers obsessed, and I have the longest bucket list of anyone I know. I think I'm a nerd in the coolest sense of the word. I listen to what I believe to be great music. I watch great movies. I'm a facebooker, a youtuber, a twitterer and an Apple snob . Whether or not I like to admit it I do occasionally get sucked into reality tv. Other than reality I consider myself to watch pretty epic shows. I like mountains, oceans, animals, etc. Pretty much just your average interests I suppose.
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