Brandon & Dave

Well Victims, the time has come. With my road trip to see Brandon live coming up early tomorrow morning there are now less than 30 hours until I’m in the presence of greatness.

Like I said, Greatness.

My arrival to Vegas is less than 24 hours away and for the entire 6 hour road trip I fully plan to be listening to Flamingo and various Killers songs.

Last Night Brandon did a HOB San Diego show where one Dave Keuning showed up to do Mr. Brightside and Read My Mind! I can only hope I’m lucky enough to get another Killer on stage at the Vegas show.

Without further ado, I give you Brandon & Dave performing “Read My Mind” at last nights show…


About fancypatches

I'm killers obsessed, and I have the longest bucket list of anyone I know. I think I'm a nerd in the coolest sense of the word. I listen to what I believe to be great music. I watch great movies. I'm a facebooker, a youtuber, a twitterer and an Apple snob . Whether or not I like to admit it I do occasionally get sucked into reality tv. Other than reality I consider myself to watch pretty epic shows. I like mountains, oceans, animals, etc. Pretty much just your average interests I suppose.
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