Betty Davis Eyes/Big Talk

So, after hearing a couple of stories about Brandon’s Flamingo tour, I was under the impression that I might get 8 or 9 songs from the album, maybe a cover, and if I got lucky a Killers song. Well, in the last couple of days I’ve been seeing multiple set lists from these events I’ve learned that it’s likely that Brandon will play Betty Davis Eyes or Viva Las Vegas (considering the location). And that usually he plays Losing Touch, and every now and then if you get lucky, he’ll play When You Were Young. If this is true, (and I’m not going to get my hopes up too high) this is going to be an even greater show than I had hoped for. Below you’ll find a video of Brandon performing Betty Davis Eyes (which I know will be even better live!)

Also, Mr. Ronnie Vannucci let us know himself that he is getting his stuff together and hopes that we will get a musical preview from his solo album “Big Talk” soon. He also let it be known that he will be touring for this album when he can (when he’s not writing with his, and I quote, “real band” aka The Killers, lol), and that he’s hoping for a summertime release. I fully expect to see him come to Utah, so he’d better make it happen. lol

Ronnie Vannucci

Ronnie Working on Big Talk


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One Response to Betty Davis Eyes/Big Talk

  1. D says:

    Don’t expect Viva Las Vegas…he only did that once. You should expect something like Read My Mind and Mr. Brightside during the encore…unless he changes it up again. Either that combo or Losing Touch/WYWY. WYWY was VERY present during the Flamingo tour and would make sure to send us off with that acoustic performance.

    It’s a good thing that it’s your 1st show seeing him. I remember my first show and it was amazing. You will have a great time. Also, if you hear some of us Victims singing “Exitlude” as the encore ends…feel free to start singing along with us. We want to give Flamingo a proper farewell and thought that it fit it perfectly.

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