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I see Brandon, I see Sam’s Town…

Alright, I’ve barely calmed down since Saturday. I drove my family crazy ALL weekend. Naturally, the very first step on the itinerary was Sam’s Town. After I forced my family to go to the Hard Rock where they were supposed … Continue reading

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Brandon & Dave

Well Victims, the time has come. With my road trip to see Brandon live coming up early tomorrow morning there are now less than 30 hours until I’m in the presence of greatness. My arrival to Vegas is less than … Continue reading

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Betty Davis Eyes/Big Talk

So, after hearing a couple of stories about Brandon’s Flamingo tour, I was under the impression that I might get 8 or 9 songs from the album, maybe a cover, and if I got lucky a Killers song. Well, in … Continue reading

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I just wanna show you what I know…

Dear friends and family, I am well aware that I am far passed the border of annoying. I am also aware that 85% of the things that I talk about are Killers or Brandon Flowers related. The fact is, 95% … Continue reading

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Why do I keep counting?

Oh yeah. That’s why! Because I am now only 7 days away from driving 400 miles to Vegas to see one Mr. Brandon Flowers himself. That’s right. On April 16th, Brandon Flowers will be performing at the House of Blues … Continue reading

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Reasons for blogging from a non-blogger…

Oh hell. I’m no blogger. Now Twitter, twitter I can do. But blogging? Sooo not me. I don’t have the attention span of a blogger. Unfortunately I’m driving my friends, family and sadly yes, even twitter followers crazy with my … Continue reading

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